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Credit Recommendation Report

Credit Recommendations are low cost reports that will allow you to make informed credit decisions, thus increasing your company’s sales and profits. We maintain and continually update an expansive database with over one million retailers in the United States and Canada. A Credit Recommendation Report is ideal for everyone from small retailers to major department stores chains.

This concise report contains all the necessary information to make a quick and accurate credit decision. Included in the Credit Recommendation Report is:

In addition, we track all retailers you inquire on and provide updates on any change in a retailer’s status for one year free of charge.
See our Complementary Services.

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Comprehensive Analysis Reports

The Comprehensive Analysis Reports provide the most comprehensive, accurate and current credit information available.

With business conditions changing on an almost day-to-day basis, having accurate information is vital to increasing your company's sales and protecting your profits. Our first-hand knowledge of activity in the market keep our reports current and useful.

Individually created by our own team of highly qualified credit analysts, our reports empower your business to make informed credit decisions.

Over the years we have provided credit information to thousands of companies, including manufacturers, importers, distributors and financial institutions.

Our clients rely heavily on our services. Time is precious, and our reports contain all the information needed to make quick and accurate credit decisions.

Business Background

Founding information
Subsidiary store names
Contact information

Financial Details

Up-to-date accounting of
• Business sales
• Profits
• Debt
• Balance sheet data


Cash Reserves Revolver balance
Known plans for acquiring additional financing

Trade Payment Information

Widely sourced trade information figure lines extended and payment timelines

Public And Legal Filings

Comprehensive list of activity and released
• Legal filings
• Suits
• Judgements
• Tax liens

Credit Recommendation

Approval status
Recommended credit line amount

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Complimentary Services

  Credit Monitoring - Automatic Targeted Tracking for One Year

Each time you make an inquiry on a specific account, your interest is logged into our computer bank. For one year, you receive notification of changes immediately as they occur on that retailer.

  Biweekly Change of Recommendation List

This list provides all our subscribers with changes in credit status, negative or positive, that have taken place on any account over the past 2 weeks. This list is not client specific, but rather an overall list of all credit status changes that have occured.

  'Creditgram'™ Flash Notice

A Creditgram™ provides specific updated information with industry noteworthy content on major retailers. Creditgrams™ keep our subscribers abreast of up to the minute changes allowing them to make informed decisions.

  Special Insolvency Notices

Special notices are provided to our subscribers about retailers entering into an insolvency.

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